Getting to witness priceless moments from my parents' wedding film—moments that happened decades ago—has inspired me to capture those memories for other families to treasure forever.

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Rob Buenaventura

Winnipeg Wedding Videographer + Cinematographer

What inspires me about a wedding film is the value it will hold when our clients are able to view and relive their wedding 10, 15, 30 years down the road. Video not only captures your vows and intimate moments over the course of the day, but it can also capture important parts like speeches from parents and the bridal party. Hearing those voices and seeing candid moments again years later is very valuable. My passion for videography was inspired by my parents’ own wedding video from September 1, 1979 (see above).

As a videographer, I understand that some may perceive wedding videography as a luxury item. But after all the anticipation and planning, the whirlwind of the big day, couples often find themselves with few mementos or recollections of the highlights of the day. Wedding videography is priceless precisely because it can take you back to those exact moments: the sounds, sights, and of course, all the emotions of your special day.

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